ScriptCam is a popular JQuery plugin to manipulate webcams. Take snapshots, detect movement, colors, QR and barcodes, record videoclips and organize videochats.

Impress your clients and visitors with this multi-language and fully customizable library.

Take snapshots

Let your visitors use their webcam to take pictures, or upload existing images.

Images are encoded in BASE64 format for easy form submission to a server side script language (like PHP) or usage as HTML5 "data:image" source.

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Add interactivity to your website by detecting motion, basic gestures, brightness and color changes. Be imaginative!

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QR & barcodes

Read QR and barcodes and use the result in a form or send the user to a specific website. The possibilities are endless.

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One-to-one chat

Add interactivity by organizing videochats between your users, or simply add a private webcam chat on your own homepage. Text chat is also available. You can include your own tags for smileys, colors and images!

Fully customizable by using CSS, HTML and Javascript.

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See this technology in action: open seepartner.com to add a personal videochat to your own website in just seconds.

Record videoclips

Extend your website functionality by letting your users record videos with their webcam.

Videos are encoded in MPEG4 H.264 AAC format, which means they are playable on virtually every platform, including smartphones running iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android.

The resulting videoclips are offered as downloadable files and/or are transported to your Amazon S3 bucket or to your server using the FTP protocol. Video thumbnails and animated gifs are included!

Demo »

See this technology in action: open cam2gif.com to use your webcam to generate an animated gif.

Play sounds

Play an MP3 file when the user takes a snapshot, scans a QR code, enters a chat, etc...

One-to-many chat

Broadcast your webcam to a small group of users. With up to five participants in a room and one single video broadcaster. Upload live snapshots automatically to your FTP server or S3 bucket.

Broad compatibility

ScriptCam works on every browser imaginable on your PC and Mac, as long as Javascript and a recent version of Flash are available.

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Multiple servers

We have video servers in Europe and the USA. Simply select the one with the best performance for your location!




Just what I was looking for!

John from London

Better and cheaper than Nimbb!

Philip from Amsterdam

Congratulations, fantastic product.

Joachim from Berlin

Support needed?

ScriptCam is free, but technical support is only available for commercial users.

USING LINUX OR SOLARIS? Adobe stopped developing Flash Player for these platforms, but ScriptCam will work if you use the Chrome browser.